Nick Cannon Wears Whiteface, Sparks Internet Debate




Not so funny when the shoe is the other foot huh. LOL

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Lmfao I’m amazed. I want the album

I’m buying the album simply because of this tbh.

"I’m starting to understand the real failings of multi-cultural education growing up in K-12 schools. We gave everyone access to the “fun” parts of culture. Let’s sing the dreidel song! Now we understand the Jewish experience. Let’s talk about segregation. Wasn’t that wrong. Aren’t we glad it’s over? Let’s take turns reading parts of the “I Have a Dream” speech. We had access to the easy stuff without having to really examine the hard stuff. And we were giving easy access to things that aren’t “ours” and shouldn’t be “ours.” So you can’t just pick up the “fun” stuff and put it into your party theme or Facebook pictures. I’m using simple terms like fun because that’s how multiculturalism was given to us as children. And while it may have served a purpose at the time, it gave us too much access to claim things that aren’t ours.

I honestly, honestly think that is some of the reasons why the race parties are such a horrible fad on college campuses. They are carrying on what we did in elementary school. Let’s make culture a party! Everyone bring your cultural food and put on a costume! The racism is present and good percentage of the participants are really expressing deep rooted racism. But some truly don’t want to “understand why it’s wrong” when they are re-enacting what we used to do with culture in elementary schools. Culture was supposed to be fun. “I don’t understand why you are mad now? I thought culture was a party!” Party’s over kids. Put down the head-dress."
Brian Henry (via theteej)

Jean-Michel Basquiat - Formless (1983)

Im honestly just this robot in society. going in and out  of classrooms, being continuously thrown up and out of my house from day to night. I go in I copy, then i spew it later on a test, and compete with the others dead in the head to see who can be the best robot. Isnt it crazy how i dont need anything else, except for some carbs and water? 

The fingerprints remind me of the ingrown rings on trees as they grow older. I understand our human body does not function like a fucking treee.